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Is THE most awesome weekend of the year. Each yeah about 250+ youth from different churches all around the area and the South come to experience this. Similar to events known as "Disciple Now", youth are split into houses for a fun-filled weekend with a spiritual purpose. People go to houses based on the grade they are going into (or at least should be going into) from 7-college. At their houses they will go through 5 sessions of Bible study with counselors that range from Youth ministers that are at other churches to Football players at UAB (go blazers) to would be athletes who have been involved in tragedy but serve the Lord now in Ministry. Let's not leave out the hosts who give up their houses for a weekend and ship out their little kids who will go to this in 3 or 4 years. At the houses, kids are allowed to use any facility at the house: pool, pool table, ping pong, weight machines, but NO electronics such as Stereo, TV, Computers (poor me), or phones. The emphasis is placed more on being together and growing rather than having fun and killing the competition (although that is a big part of it too). On Saturday we also have a really cool thing whatever it may be...The year before last was an all out beach blast where we played extreme frisbee and swam our little hearts out, and who could forget the 3pt. & Dunk tourneys! This past year we had an adventure of Jurassic proportion. We killed a T-Rex which invaded our sanctuary, and we hunted for Dino eggs all over our community! At the church on Sunday we wake up to a great church-cooked meal thanx to the deacons, and get ready for more concerts and an Awesome Sunday School. As I mentioned, Concerts! Year before last, we welcomed INOTOF to play during the all-u-can-eat Pizza Blast, and LIFEGUARD during the worship services (did I mention the part about almost crashing thru the sanctuary floor during th mach pit! We drooped the floor almost 12 inches!) Over all, it'a just a really cool time when Kids can grow closer to each other and our Lord.
Next year's theme: Armageddon (like the movie)

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