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House Rock

House Rock is our awesome Wednesday Nite worship service. We all want God to rock our House. "The Dungeon" is no more, but now we have the "Lighthouse." It's redesigned and the sound pumps up the whole place. It's all purple, black, and yellow, and we have our awesome PRAISE BAND!
We've got our Youth Minister Joey Hill and Justin Peeples on guitar; Nic Allums on bass guitar; Tiffany Daniels, Beverly Shannon, Tiffany Gudding and Joy Atkinson on vocals; and Brad Hardin rockin' the drum sets.
After the song service is over we have a message straight from the bottom of Joey's heart. Anything from a twisted reinactment of "Prodigal Son" to a straight up spiritual disciplining can be expected from this man. All in all it is a youth oriented worship service that rivals the best or 'em.

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