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One day, The Pope decided to kick all Jews out of Rome. The Jews were out numbered, but The Pope said, "We will have a debate. If I win, the Jews leave. If their representative wins, they can stay without persecution." The Jews didn't have a volunteer, so they chose an old janitor who didn't have much to lose. He agreed to it under the condition that noone could say anything. The Pope agreed.

The following day they went to the debate. The Pope began by raising three fingers. The Jew then raised up one. The Pope moved his fingers in a circle. The Jew pointed down. The Pope took out some red wine and a few crackers. The Jew took out an apple. The Pope stood and said, "That's it! He wins I can not beat this man. The Jews may stay."

Some people went to the Pope when it was done asd asked what happened. The Pope responded, "I first said that there was a Trinity; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He said we worshipped one central God. I said God is around us. He said God was right here with us. I took out the wine and crackers to symbolize the price Christ paid. He took out an apple to remind me of the origional sin."

They, then, asked the Jew who said, "Well, he said we had three days to get out. I said not one of us was leaving. He said that they were all going to gang up on us. I said 'we're staying right here'. Then he took out his lunch and I took out mine."

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