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Moses, Jesus, and this other Guy were playing golf. It was tied up all the was into the 18th hole.

Moses was first up to tee. He hit the ball into the water hole. He walked to the water, parted it, and chipped it onto the green. Jesus hit it, it went into the water. Jesus walked onto the water and chipped it onto the green.

The other Guy got up. He hit it high, suddenly a gust of wind blew. It bounced over the road, off a house, off a car, off the clubhouse, and flies through the air towards the lake. Just then, a fish jumped out of the water and caught the golfball in his mouth. An eagle flew down and caught the fish. The eagle flew over the green, and the fish dropped the ball into the ace!

Moses leaned to Jesus and said, "MAN, I hate playing against your Dad!!!!!"

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