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A very rich man though he could actually "take it with him". He lived a very prosperous life and when he died he had his son have all his assets transferred into gold, melted, and then buried in the coffin with him.

When the man walked up to the Pearly Gate, dragging a coffin, Simon Peter stopped him. Peter said, "I'm Sorry Sir, you can not bring anything with you, Have you never heard the saying?" The man replied, "But Sir...I've worked my WHOLE life on Earth to get this. You have to let me bring it." Peter and the Man argued for a while then St. John came up and asked what was going on. He heard the story and then agreed with Peter, but he did ask the man, "Sir, I just want to know....can I see what you worked your whole life for." St. John & Peter opened the coffin and saw all the gold. Peter shook his head and said, "You worked your whole life...and all you got is pavement!"

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