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From Joey:

Well it's time for Summer! Get out the shades, the shorts, and the tanning lotion, and the car visors because it is going to be hot this summer! I am already trying to figure out how I am going to stay cool. But hey, that's easy, cause I am already cool! Right?

I hope that the heat doesn't get the best of you, cause I am really going to need you guys this summer. There is so much going on for you to get involved in. In June, we are goign on our mission trip to Jackson, Mississippi. Also in June, we are going to have a series of Youth work days to try and finish all our painting down in the youth area. In July it is "B-Free '99". It is up to you to pack it out with your friends. Also at the end of July, we are going to Six Flags over Georgia for everyone that attended "B-Free." It is Baptist day at Six Flags on that day. In August we will wind up our summer by going to the Youth Evangelism Conference with David Nasser, The Power Team, and a ton of Christian musical artists. Near the end of August we are having our annual Jr. High camp at Springville Camp and Conference. The Seniors are going to be doing something special that entire month called "Superfriends."

Well I guess that wraps up our summer. You wanna go back to the non-fames main page?