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Student Leadership University

is a program set up by Jay strack to teach teenagers good leadership techniques through the Word of God. Jay Strack is a wonderful man of God and one who puts forth all of his effort toward his ministry. Jay is a Flarida native making the first level of this couse an obvious choice.

In level 1 you spend a week in Florida. You get to hear lectures on how to "swim with the sharks of life" in Seaworld where you will sleep under the sharktank or in the Wild Arctic exhibit, orin the other place with which I am not familiar (I got to go to the shark tank). The rest of the week will be spent at the campus of Rollins Univerity north of Orlando. You will eat at Planet Hollywood, and get lectures on Online, Choices, Evolution vs. Creation, different religions and much more all in the warm, sunny Floida atmoshpere.

Level 2 is Spent in Washington D.C. I have not went on this trip yet, but I do know a few things. Speakers will include Government big wigs such as Newt Gengrich, future hopeful big wig Elizebeth and many more. You will get to tour many historical sites of D.C. and will get to see what makes our nation the way it is (whether that is good or bad).

Level 3 is spent in Israel. You will get to tale in the sights and sounds that started our world. You will get to see the Holy City of Jerusalem. You will also get to see many oter sights of the beautiful Holy Land.

Level 4 is not decided to my knowlege yet. At last I heard you will get to tour Rome, Italy or Egypt. Either is a wonderful place that you can experience culture that virtually constructed this world.

Just Pray for us that go and get you Youth minister to find out where he can get in touch with Jay so that you, too, can experience this once-in-a-lifetime ordeal.

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